Monday, January 9, 2017


Pilgrimage, can be a journey you take to make peace with the world. Some make a pilgrimage to Perrot State Park to reconnect with nature.

Others looking for a more religious pilgrimage in the area make their way to the Shrine of Guadalupe in La Crosse.

Located just south of town, the beautiful setting is open to visitors year round. Be prepared for a short half mile hike up a winding path leading you to the Shrine Church and passing along many sculptural displays of depicting the Catholic faith. There's also lots of stained glass, faux decorative techniques and large scale paintings to admire.

When you have the chance to visit be sure to request the half hour film in the Pilgram Center describing the 1531 events of the virgin mary's appearance to Juan Diego, in what is now modern Mexico City. Now hailed as the Mother of the Americas she is venerated right here is the Coulee Region.

Check out the website for other events like organ recitals, guest speakers which have included a daughter of a saint and touring relic displays. Or of course you can also take in mass and confessionals weekly.
While visiting they have a nice place to eat the Cuilina Marianna Café and Flores Mariae Gift Shop with everything from rosaries, metals of saints and Christmas decorations.

Speaking of saints, did you know the Patron Saint of Foresters, Parker Rangers and Parks is St. John Gaulbert.  So if you're inclined maybe say a prayer to him in order to help protect the good work done to preserve our parks.  

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