Sunday, February 5, 2017

Snow Bird Report

Snow Bird, common name for Dark-eyed junco.
No this blog isn't a birding count of juncos returning to our winter feeders or the amount of snow at a ski resort in Colorado.

It's about high time we join the other fellow Wisconsinites and take our turn heading south for part of the winter, as a true Snowbird would.

Just as the sudden appearance of juncos in time for snow we are going to make a sudden disappearance between snow storms this February. We thought we were ready to take HaRVey the RV, but not this year.

The winter season has been bearable with lots of anticipation in planning and preparation. It's been fun going through these modern travel aides to find quant roadside restaurants and unique places and events along the way.

It used to be you loaded up on maps, visited AAA for a trip planning guide or even stopped in to the local travel agent for brochures or advice. Its so different today browsing through travel apps, reading forums and just calling the place to talk to their visitor services. We've had much past success in our efforts finding just the right mix of nature and culture.

Here's just a few of my favorite sites and tools that I've discovered work for me and from those other travelers have shared.

TripAdvisor, app
GasBuddy, app
Trolly Tracker, local app
Garmon, GPS

Note: I did go to Barnes and Noble to pick up an actual map of Eastern United States, just needed the big picture in front of me. Yes, they do still make them. I figure it couldn't hurt to have a back up plan.

This months destination Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina, plus lots of stops along the way. Taking my laptop with to blog. I'm excited!


  1. Have a great time. Be sure to stop for a brew & dinner at Sierra Nevada Brewery in Asheville. Probably my all time favorite place in that region (except for the beaches, of course)

  2. Have fun on your adventure. Can't wait to see some posts about the journey - especially what you will find in Georgia! Safe travels.