Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Going Green?

Our travels in South Carolina included a stop over in Greenville, rated one of the top places to live.

In our travels we are trying to explore these options for relocation. The winter cold and the Midwest mediocrity is really getting to us.

We fear the cure for cabin fever is near.

Kitchen and Eating  Areas

We chose a nice little B&B in the downtown area to stay. To be more specific the West End. The Swamp Rabbit Inn, was a delightful surprise.


Very playful modern design with unusual amenities. Like full kitchen privileges stocked up with breakfast do it yourself items, a honor bar at $5 a drink with top shelf selections, weber grilling, games and library, electronic locking devices that they can be remotely change and good wifi and a Kerig coffee machine in our room.

One of three patios/decks to hang out.

The Owl Room
We always enjoy meeting other travelers and this type of hostel was very amicable for visiting.

Falls Park on the Reedy in heart of downtown

Located within walking distance of the beautiful downtown park and just off the Swamp Rabbit trail for biking.

We loved the spring blooms in Feb.

We noticed right away the smell of good food and flowers everywhere. It was a very enchanting experience.

Sculpture everywhere you walked.

We also found an exceptional amount of sculpture and galleries.

Carver/Sculpture Grainger McCoy

The Greenville County Museum of Art has the largest collection of Wyeth artwork. We also were pleasantly surprised by their visiting artist exhibition.

Downtown Distillery

Smoke on the Water restaurant

 For rest of short stay in Greenville, SC we went to a the Dark Corner distillery for a tasting tour and delighted in the variety of BBQ options at Smoke on the Water for dinner.

We certainly could see ourselves here. Everyone we met greeted us and were enthusiastic about living there.

Our list of must haves for our next home:

Feel like we are on a foodie tour.
Inspiration by artists and music all around.
Exposure to learning new things and taking classes.
Access to walking places, bicycling and nature.
A international airport close by.
Good medical care.
Reasonable cost of living.
A place all our friends would like to come and visit us.

If you know of a place, please share we will put it on our list to visit.


  1. Greenville looks like it fills a lot of list.

  2. Very much indeed. We were pleasantly surprised. But I know there's lots of other places we need to look at before deciding.