Thursday, March 2, 2017

Alls Well That Ends Well

My new magnet from Tybee, very handy
We've survived our first extended getaway.

Coming home did feel good. Maybe it was the familiar surroundings, maybe our own bed. How can we miss it if we don't stay away. You can gain a new appreciation for your home when you're not cooped up in it all day.

Well it's probably not enough to make us want to stay in the north country year round.

We came home to a snow covered driveway. So first thing to do is turn up the heat in the house, turn on the water so I could do 7 loads of laundry and clear the driveway to get the truck up and start unpacking.

Valentine's Gift-Fun fish measuring spoons

After several days of paying bills, catching up on emails, blogging and refiling the hot tub I can now say the trip was a success.

Although I did leave my cell phone at Swamp Rabbit Inn, they are sending it to me thankfully.

Our Feral Friend Bunny returns too!

The beginning of March, is coming in like a lion. Blanketing us with several more inches of snow. Maybe spring will be just around the corner.

We missed the record warm temperatures in the Coulee Region, we heard the golf courses opened up for a few days in February.

Not it's time to savor the memories and start planning the next trip. Hopefully we'll be ready to take HaRVey along.



  1. As you're clicking your heels saying there's no place like home, let's meet up soon. I need a Colleen fix.

  2. I miss you guys and know that I will be with you in spirit when you connect. There is something special about coming "home" again after being out on an adventure.

  3. Wish we had our mascot back in AV