Sunday, March 12, 2017

March Madness

 This is the time of year you are either glued to the TV watching basketball or trying to find something to do.

Pretty much, in the upper Midwest, it comes down to home improvement shows and RV open houses.

We were not inspired by the ideas for sprucing up the house since our domain pretty well satisfies our needs and who knows how much longer we'll be around for Wisconsin winters.

This little vintage trailer is so cute.

So we were off to check out the local RV dealerships as they all had open houses.

The coordinated refrigerator and décor is charming.
What this means is free cookies and snacks, registering for prizes and then looking at all the newest stuff in Recreational Vehicles.

Lots of people were out and about, sharing that dream of hitting the road to adventure. We toured trailers and 5th wheels. Dismissing this feature and pointing out design flaws that a novice might not notice. As seasoned veterans of weekend camping we know what we like and more importantly what won't work for us.

By George, I think we got it right the first time. From layouts and lavatories HaRVey is still out first love. We happily spent some dough on a new rug for the entryway. Just a little something for his 3rd birthday. Are we mad or what.

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  1. It's always fun to look and especially when you go home as you did knowing you already have the best choice for your needs.