Sunday, August 13, 2017

Peninsula Parks

Surrounded by Green Bay and Lake Michigan the Door County Peninsula of Wisconsin is a popular getaway for city folks from Milwaukee to Chicago. You won't find chain restaurants or big box stores more like lighthouses and rocky shores. Some say it feels like Cape Cod.

We had our fill of parks to visit with four State Parks and many County Parks. I've highlighted the best of each park.

Potowatami State Park

Our first stop in Sturgeon Bay and the water views are great. Enjoyed watching sailboats and skipping rocks. This is also the beginning point of the Ice Age Trail which demarks the edge of the last continental glacier across Wisconsin.

Pennisula State Park

Just outside of Fish Creek we stayed at Weborg Campground in Peninsula State Park, only a dozen sites adjacent to a nice pier on Green Bay, great for early fishing with breakfast and sunsets or viewing the night sky.

Whitefish Dunes State Park

On the Lake Michigan side is a sandier side for beaches and dunes. This park also displayed a recreated village of woodland and Oneota people, the areas earliest inhabitants.

Newport State Park

Another Lake Michigan Park at the tip of Door County offers a  beach and rocky shore. A wilderness park and recently designated by the International Dark-Sky Association. One of only 48 in the world for best places for night sky viewing.

Cave Point County Park

One of my favorite stops for lots of wave action. The shoreline  and caves are a favorite of kayakers.

The unique landscape is part of the Niagara Escarpment a 1000 mile long cliff running from Wisconsin to New York.

We can't forget to mention Rock Island State Park. We didn't visit this time, but we've camped several times years ago and enjoyed the Perseid Meteor showers with friends. It's a long journey to get there with a ferry to Washington Island then the Carfi to Rock Island. Walk-in campsites only and no showers except in the sky of course.



  1. Thanks for sharing such beautiful parks! I hope we can keep both state and national parks from being privatized. Public affordable recreational sites are important for our communities.