Monday, July 24, 2017

Rock On

"Be A Little Boulder" at Perrot State Park
Found this rock at Perrot State Park Headquarters. To share in the fun we hid it atop the trail at John A. Latsch Park in Minnesota.

It was a difficult climb but we made the 300 plus steps up to the top. The "Be A Little Boulder" was then strategically placed under a bush just below a fantastic view of the Mississippi River.

Lots of steps up to the top of John A. Latsch Park

"Be A Little Boulder" waiting to be found under bush

Can you find the Rock in this picture!
After joining the Facebook page I found it has already been found by a fellow named Cameron who is now taking it up to the UP (Upper Michigan Pennisula).

Cameron found the rock the journey continues.

So this Little Boulder, we discovered, was originaly painted by Delores's daughter in New Orleans. Found next by Rachael who found it in N.O. then rehid in Wisconsin. Alas we found at Perrot State Park making it's way over to Minnesota.

Rock On! Little Boulder

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