Monday, July 24, 2017

Hail to Mother Nature

Area residents file their claims
The forces of weather have left their impact at Perrot State Park.

One week it was golf ball size hail the next week torrential rains.

Go figure we live in Wisconsin, a lush green valley with lots of rivers and lakes. Some campers found a few holes in screen tents or a cracked air vent while others got washed out by the weather and slept in their cars or found shelter elsewhere. Fortunately all woke up the next day to enjoy another day in the park.

It's always a good plan to be connected to weather alerts and know where to go if conditions demand seeking shelter. We have often found our selves listening to the weather and not even knowing the county they are talking about. I guess we just have to be more aware when setting down HaRVey's trailer jacks.

Some hiking trails were closed at the park but many remain open. If you haven't ever hiked the Bay Loop, Black Walnut or River View Trails then it's about time. All of the trails in the park are unique and offer different views. Have you seen the effigy mound, the little cottage adjacent to the park campground or the rock shelter. It's time to get to know all the trails at Perrot.

Be sure to respect closed signs as work crews will be removing trees and rebuilding trails in the days to come.

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