Sunday, July 16, 2017

It Takes aTown

Prairie walk at Holland Sand Prairie
The Town of Holland, located about half way between La Crosse and Perrot State Park, looks like any developing suburb in a rural setting. As families invade the country side they bring with them the seeds of change. The newly disturbed landscape tends to sprout new business opportunities.

Prairie Cinquefoil

The newly transplanted inhabitants of the township had the foresight to stop and see the special place they called home. The last remnant of a dry sand prairie existed in their neighborhood. Since it was too dry to attract farming it remain untouched until developers imagined a strip mall would please the new neighbors. Local folks organised, appealed, collaborated and put forth their own tax dollars to save what is now called Holland Sand Prairie.

Clustered Poppy Mallow
This is the last sizable sand prairie remnant between Trempealeau and Prairie du Chien. The land referred to as the Mississippi River sand terrace also includes rare geological dunes created by windswept sands over thousands of years. With over 150 native plants the 60+ acres was designated as a State Natural Area in 2017. A real treasure now protected.

Curly Milkweed

Thanks to the following organizations you can enjoy another guided prairie walk Saturday, August 26 at 10am.

Friends of Holland Sand Prairie
Mississippi Valley Conservancy
Prairie Entusiasts
and of course the Wisconsin DNR

I'm looking forward to finally catch Goat's rue, Silky prairie clover and Missouri goldenrod in future blooms.

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