Tuesday, May 21, 2013

From the Ground Up

Shooting Star
Where does a person start. Obviously from the ground up. It's spring and the ephemerals are having their moment in the woods. The first jewel to impress is the Shooting Star or for those latin lovers Dodecatheon meadia. Shown just beginning to open up into a star shaped flower arching on a long stem, then a full showing of amethyst jewels on the forest floor. FYI- Part of the primrose family. Also commonly called Prairie Pointers. Insects force their tongues between the stamens to sip the nectar. Flowers start out downward and rise upwards after pollination. Sounds a bit backwards to us I suppose.

Field of Shooting Stars-Bradys Bluff West Trail


  1. Shooting stars are some of my favorite. You're making me miss my gardens, but this way I get to enjoy all the same plants through your blog.

  2. Just keep in mind these gardens are yours and you don't have to weed them.