Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Flaming scarlet with jet black wings, sounds like a super hero. Bird enthusiasts are excited to be seeing the Scarlet Tanager  (Piranga olivacea) in the park this season.

Just like the snow birds of Wisconsin they head south for the winter. These birds head to Columbia and Amazonia. Miss Scarlet is not so dramatic in appearance wearing a coat of dull greenish feathers with brownish wings and yellow underside.

Perrot Forest-Bird Habitat

They are hanging out in the
oak trees of Perrots forest.
They have just arrived so
stop in the park to see because
they leave midsummer
for the long flight back.

Sorry didn't get a photo of this bird.


  1. I love those birds. You can always pull up an image on Google Images for these situations - I do it all the time.
    I like the funky font for the header, but do find it a little hard to read in the rest of the text. Please consider either changing the font or making it larger for old eyes :)

    I've also found it you doublespace before and after the photo it prevents it from jamming in on the side. Also if you increase the size of the photo and keep it centered it will force the text underneath.

    It's fun and educational...you're doing a great job! Perhaps they should pay you overtime!!!!

  2. Thanks, how are your new babies, had to leave I was starting to tear up