Saturday, July 13, 2013

Brady's Bluff

Every hiker puts this trail on their list at Perrot. It's magnificent view of  the river valley reveals the true nature of its power. You'll see how the Mississippi River hugs the west side of the park dividing two states.

Imagine a million years ago the river flowed to the eastside of the Park putting Perrot in Minnesota.

I guess change can be good.

Goat Prairie 65 acres
turning point-Tremp. Mountain revealed
Brady's Bluff was named after the settler that owned the land before the park. One trail to the top of the bluff is a natural terrain path that winds up the bluff passing through the woodland and Goat Prairies.

View at the top 460 feet above.
The other trail consists of over 500 steps made of wood, stone and platforms. Both lead you to the shelter at the top of Brady's Bluff created by the CCC.

One path take 30 minutes, the other a half hour, your choice. I prefer up the natural path and down the stairs since I can take in the vistas going down the trail better than with my back when going up the stairs.

Summer view from atop Brady's

Shelter on Top of Brady's Bluff

Early spring-view from Brady's of Bay

Another Peak at the Mississippi

Down the Stairs

More stairs over 500 steps

Stairs hugging the rock exposure

Tree roots hugging the Bluffside

Fern gully

As you come down off Brady's Bluff stairs you enter a great ravine, loaded with spring wild flowers and water trickling off rocky formations

I suggest a walking stick since some paths are narrow and drop offs are steep. A stick  also helps you steady your camera and point out beautiful blooms.



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  1. I have always enjoyed the people I have met at the top when it's time to rest and enjoy the view.