Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Campers

The variety of people who use the state parks is endless.  Here are just a few of the personas that I've meet.

Mr. and Mrs. Retiree who just bought an RV,
can't get enough of life but sit and watch TV.

Teenage lovers of one sort or another,
underage drinkers and young soul searching thinkers.

Guys from college days out for some purple haze,
Girls night out with daughters for sleeping out.

Native americans searching for a care again,
finding a special place in the worlds rat race.

Family get togethers, engagements and weddings,
a place for memories without big spendings.

European travelers on their long holidays,
Austrailians, Kiwis, all making their way.

Homeless, phoneless people,
in between life and sorting things out.

Nature lovers and tree huggers,
birding seekers and hikers in sneakers.

Adventurers and Geo-cachers,
Hunters and fish catchers.

Religious retreaters to Shaman wannabes,
some even Moth Man Desirerees

Which one are you. Share your camping adventures.

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  1. Hannah - you are certainly the Poet of Perrot Park.