Saturday, July 27, 2013

Camp Host

Most parks establish a Camp Host to assist fellow campers with some of their needs. From providing area information to firewood sales.

Camp Hosts are volunteer positions, you begin by filling out an application. What makes a great camp host? First a love of meeting and helping people and secondly an appreciation for the outdoors.

Camp hosts at Perrot State Park for July are Bill and Linda Pike.

Bill and Linda
As retirees they are on their 4th year as camp hosts for Wyalusing State Park and July is the first year joining the camp host family at Perrot. You'll also find them in the spring time in the Smokies, early summer in Canada, then into the fall hosting at Wyalusing. Then Bill needs to return home base for deer hunting season in Manitowok, WI.

Their travels take them on the backroads, boondocking and best of all meeting fellow travelers. They enjoy sharing their knowledge and experiences, so be sure to stop by and meet your camp host next time you go camping.

Before retiring Bill was a volunteer paramedic and fireman, as well as a fire inspector, Linda a Medical Assistant at a hospital. As goodwill ambassadors of the parks they share their talents as fishing guide, first aide provider, history buff, camp concierge, mechanic, and many a meal with fellow travelers. Their blueberry puggie pies are delicious.

They began tent camping together without the comforts of cots or blowup mattresses, Bill was a little reluctant at first since he had just finished up a two year tour in Vietnam sleeping on the ground. Their passion for camping has evolved to include a  26 foot trailer, fishing boat and scooter just to name a few of the amenities. For the Pikes it doesn't mean giving up the comforts and pleasures of life. They travel with their two kitties Ellie and Abby who also enjoy the outdoors and meeting new people.

The Pike Family
As July is coming to a close we will be wishing them safe travels until next year.

Favorite camping tip to protect your firewood.


  1. I would love to email the current camp hosts to ask them for their personal experiences to get a feel for it. This sounds like a fun thing to do, especially if you don't need to commit to an entire season.
    I love the tip for protecting firewood...that would work for me!

  2. I never knew about camp hosts so thanks for enlightening me once again! Can you imagine the advice Queen Jester would give re: putting out a campfire. They don't call her 'Hotpants' for nothing.

  3. I sent them an app wouldnt that be fun. Someday when I grow up I want to a camp host