Friday, November 15, 2013

End of the Trail

I got my duff out to the bluffs of Perrot State Park for one more hike on Thursday. As of today, Friday, November 15 there is hunting in the park. Maps with details on areas closed to hunting are available at the headquarters.

It was the last trail to do on my list in the park. It's a nice longer hike, there are no special vistas as it winds through the interior of the park. It's accessible from The Perrot Ridge Trail near the headquarters of the park or from the opposite entrance by the Park Shop. This trail doesn't have a hiking name but is referred to as the Cedar Glade Trail set up for cross country skiers. As I passed through I came across signage for skiers naming the different runs. I think I'll have to pass on skiing this trail since I'm not expert.

Now that I've hiked it and liked it, here's  my two cents on what the different hikes have to offer.

Brady's Bluff- by far the most hiked trail. It's spectacular view of the Mississippi River and Trempeauleau Mountain makes it to the top of my list. If you can't make it up the bluff for a photo, buy a postcard for .25 from the Friends of Perrot. There are three ways to the top. East Brady's  by the headquarters is a narrow natural path that winds up past a Goat Prairie giving you a nice view of the Mississippi. West Brady's is an improved trail with 500 some steps through a ferny glen for lots of wild flowers then up the face of Brady's. Make sure to stop and take in the view behind you. The Bluff is also accessed from the Park Shop, this is a longer trail to the top and a great way to connect back to the campground.

Perrot Ridge-a favorite of some, I especially like this for the 360 degree view in spring and fall when the leaves on the trees aren't obstructing the view. A bit longer round trip than Brady's but it offers a lot of variety up to Reed's Peek. A little bit of scrambling on the way up from the headquarters at the very top. Lots of wild flowers on the way back down the trail to Perrot Post entrance.

Reed's Run- is a short lovely walk which can connect you from Perrot Ridge and Brady's Bluff Trails to create a longer hike.

Black Walnut Trail- an easy trail and not too long, there's interesting facts to read along the way, learn  about trees and early life in the area. You also get to see some of the great rock formations of the area.

Bay Trail-hidden behind the campground, it can be a bit buggy in the summer but offers a close up the bay area and then opens up to a lovely prairie that's great for campers that want to do some star gazing in the middle of the night.

Riverview Trail-this runs pretty much the length of the park, offering an intimate view of the bay and popular for birders. Many use this path to complete there hikes or use the road to reconnect to their starting point. Don't forget to include Horseshoe Falls along the way.

Lesser known trails-

Wilburs Trail-easy path from the Park Shop, used as a ski trail, nice and wide, shady and cool in the heat of summer.

Connecting trails, Reed's Run, Deer Me Run,  Broken Ski Run, Tow Rope Hill.

Cedar Glade Trail-the longest most challenging ski trail, a rather easy hike in other seasons.



  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I always like to know what I am getting myself into.

  2. My favorite was always Brady's Bluff. Pam Strauss invited me to share one of their traditions for Rosh Hashanah, hiking the bluff and then releasing bread crumbs on the river.