Friday, November 22, 2013

Give Thanks

I'd like to take a moment to thank the Rangers in Parks everywhere, especially the ones I've gotten to know at Perrot State Park.

Park Entrance
As a kid I was a bit taken with the Ranger Rick's magazine, maybe that's why when taking my aptitude tests in school it was indicated that I should pursue life as a forest ranger or entertainer. Go figure, blogging about a state park is as close as I may come to those test results. The job of being a Park Ranger is a lot more than I imagined in my youth.

Park Headquarters
I now have a new appreciation for all they do for the parks. As I see it, they are the real stewards of the land, they protect the parks resources for future generations and protect those that visit it. They are ambassadors, helping to preserve and pass on the natural and cultural history of our lands.

Here's a list of the many different hats they wear-

Emergency Responders- search and rescue to first aid
Firefighters-Spotting and extinguishing damaging fires
Scientists- Studying and monitoring our environments
Scholars-Interpreting the history, landscape and wildlife of the parks
Administrators- Budgeting and managing the parks resources
Guides-From fishing tips, to nature hikes they know the park
Maintenance Workers-working year round to repair and restore trails, buildings and roads from weather and unfortunately vandalism
Law Officers-enforcing the rules and regulations of parks, they have police duties as well

Some noted Park Rangers-

Galen Glenn-first ranger, guardian of Yosemite in 1866
President Gerald Ford-Park Ranger at Yellowstone
Ranger Smith-from the Yogi Bear Cartoons
Anna Pigeon-fictional park Ranger from author Nevada Barr, my personal favorite

A big Thankyou for all you do!
Happy Thanksgiving too!


  1. I used to get Ranger Rick as well and have often given the subscription as gifts to children in my life to foster that love of nature.