Monday, November 11, 2013

One More Time Around

Canoe launch by Nature Center
In just a day things can change. A crisp cool but clear November Sunday and we decided to canoe Trempealeau Bay. Now it's Monday and the snow has begun to fall. A reminder to always do it today.

Around the bend
It was beautiful, calm waters and we had it all to ourselves.  A couple of hours around the bay, even getting a chance to set foot on Trempealeau mountain.

If you can manage not to get wet it's a glorious way to enjoy the last of the fall colors.

We didn't see much wildlife but that's okay we didn't want to see the hunters either. Yes it's duck season and they do hunt in the bay.

Trempealeau Mountain approach

Setting foot on the Mountain
Remnants from the Summer

Come Friday, November 15 muzzleloaders and archery will start in the park too. Hikers may want to take note of where hunters could be, but remember it's your park too so there are no off limits to where you can hike.

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  1. The fall colors are so pretty, thank you for sharing the images. I found a way to remove the log in thing for those who comment and it makes it easier for people to respond. I've had some of my other people comment that they enjoy your blog but can't seem to get in to do the posting.