Friday, August 21, 2015

B4 Euro's

Some of the last vestiges of native areas in Wisconsin can be found using a lovely book called Wisconsin Naturally.

The book highlights 150 of the State Natural Areas that still exist as they would have been previous to European settlements which changed the landscape dramatically. These areas showcase native plant communities, rare species to geological and archaeological areas significant to the landscape.

This great little book will give you directions, maps and description of the best of Wisconsin. You can order it from their website: . I believe it was under $20.

Brady's Bluff Prairie located in Perrot State Park is among those select 150 sites. Also referred to as a goat prairie, this steep slope is located on the southwest side of the bluff going up Brady's Bluff  trail from the east side. Lots of rare plants, three unusual butterflies and the threatened snaggletooth snail.

When ever traveling to a new area in Wisconsin, I like to refer to this book so I can include a little side trip to another state natural area.

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