Friday, August 28, 2015


This may be the most difficult blog I've done so far. I can't use any photos, I can't look up cool information on the internet to share, and I can't document the moment with a picture.

I saw at Perrot State Park a Black Widow Spider. It just gives me the creepy crawlies saying it. Fortunately it was dead. It does however make me wonder what in the world killed it. Should I be more afraid of its predator. Or did the spiders husband figure out what was coming and did her in before she was finished with him.

Whatever the case may be I have a fear of spiders. I know they are beneficial to the environment, eating many other insects, but my anachraphobia kicks in when ever I see one. (I know I spelled it wrong but I can't look it up without the possibility of a photo also popping up.)

It can be somewhat debilitating since I like the outdoors and gardening. It makes a big difference if I see one outside rather than inside an enclosed space. So vault toilets are out of the question.

I have an exterminator on speed dial and routine treatments for my home and even HaRVey the RV.

If my husband had the same affliction we probably wouldn't have gotten married, since we need one brave person in the house.

So please if you're tempted to post a picture on facebook to share how cool you think you spider looks, remember me when I scroll to your post, because my phone will go flying into the air and wherever it lands it stay until my husband can recover it for me or until the battery runs out. 

Your attention to this matter is appreciated.


  1. There are so many wonderful things to look at out there, skipping over these creatures is allowed. Can't say I have ever photo'd one, so you are safe with me! LOL

  2. Sorry. I recently should have excluded you from a posting of that huge orb spider in my flower garden.

  3. They creep me out as well. Stephanie showed me the photo of the tarantula that landed on her leg while in Haiti. It was hard just to look at the photo. I feel all itchy and crawly!