Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Bon Voyage

Prairie Boat Landing
We now have water access. With all the waterways in the area it's great to be back slinking around the sloughs. My husband bought another blow up boat. I know you're thinking a toy boat. This one is actually powered by an electric motor and comfortable for the two of us.

Boat Launch

We had a nice morning on our first trip out together launching at Brice's Prairie landing into the back waters of Lake Onalaska.

Dragon Fly

Here's a few pictures of the area and local birds and other winged things.

It's a bit challenging taking photos when your moving in a boat.

The biggest benefit of this blow up boat is its portability. We can still pack it up in the truck when we take out HaRVey the RV.

the Captain


Very Comfortable

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  1. Fun boat. We've resisted the bug to get one of these. I just don't think we'd use it enough to warrant hauling it around.