Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Pet Peeves

We all like to enjoy the park, but when it comes to some people and their pets that's my pet peeve.

They think they are doing their duty of bagging the pets waste but when it comes to taking real responsibility and taking it with them out of the park they drop the ball or bag.

Here's a bag from the parking lot, presummably secretly dropped before getting in their car. Park staff often finds these little gift bags also left by the vault toliet doors or worse yet dropped into the toliet only to have to be fished out by employees. Yes it's a dirty job.

Because the state parks are what you bring in you take out for the day users. There are no public trash cans for that morning cup of coffee, fast food bags or the poo from your pooch. Well, enough about responsible pet ownership.

To commemorate this blog and thank the people who deal with alot of shit day in and day out, I created some cupcakes under the theme "What kinda scat is that?".

This poos for you hard working folks at Perrot State Park.

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