Sunday, June 25, 2017

Stops in the name of Fun

Birch Lighting

Along the way we stopped at the Art in the Park in Lanesboro, MN. A couple of my favorite finds a lady that created birch lighting fixtures.

Wired Sculpture

Another artist that amazed me was a wire sculpture artist Would have loved the set of deer running along. He really captured the emotion of motion. I at least left with an ornamental walleye.

Lunch on the Root

Pie Guy

After a little lunch at the Riverside on the Root we stopped by Aroma Pie in Whalan, MN. Right along the Root River Bike Trail, a must for a pick me up. We had the Rhubarb Custard and Raisin Sour Cream. Both delicious, it was hard to choose.

Another very out of the way place near Lanesboro was Avian Acres. You could really feel the passion for birds with this one man operation and a barn full of avian supplies and gifts. He was busy answering all sorts of questions on how to attract certain birds.

I think you'll fall for all the fun stops in and around Lanesboro and Forestville Mystery Cave State Park.

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  1. It was amazing the recovery after the terrible storm damage before the Art fair. Weather has wreaked havoc to many trees and the Root River banks. I heard the Mabel tree crew were incredible.