Friday, June 23, 2017

Trout Fishing in the Area

South Branch of Root River
Several trails in the Forestville Mystery Cave State Park were along the long and winding trout streams.

Elusive Fly Fisherman

If you are quiet you can observe  fisherman in deep concentration. He never even saw us.

National Trout Center, Preston, Minnesota

To discover more about this passion of casting for trout we had to stop in at the Trout Capital of Minnesota, Preston.

Display of Fly Tying Essentials

In town we visited at the National Trout Center to learn the art of tying a fly. The staff helped us wind, cut and glue our very own flies, while answering questions.

My first Fly

The fishing fever is everywhere, in Lanesboro we stopped at the Root River Rod Company, a local outfitting shop that had everything you'd need to get started.

Root River Rod Company

We browsed the variety of flies for sale and various tools of the trade. The sales person was setting up a lady who just got hooked on trout fishing. What fun to find a new sport to dive into with such enthusiasm.
Flies for Sale

Also in the area is Lanesboro State Fish Hatchery which raises hundreds of thousands of trout for restocking streams. I guess this is catching on!

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