Saturday, August 24, 2013

Bloom Blog Report-Late Summer

They just keep coming. In my attempt to learn about all the flowers in Perrot State Park I never realized the vastness of blooms around. Many of these are still in bloom and they just keep coming.

Gray-Headed Cone Flower-ratibida
Cones dry to light gray and smells
of spice when crushed.

The Prairie plants are really coming into there own and of course with this the butterflies. So many plants are the host for larvae, some for nectar and of course there's the birds and the bees. But we won't go into that right now.

Purple Cone Flower-Echinacea angustifolia
Irresistible to butterflies and American
Gold Finch. Popular as an herbal remedy.

Rough blazing Star-Liatris aspers
Shown before bloom. Love the texture.

Prairie Blazing Star-Liatris pycnostachya
Showy tall prairie plant, Loved by deer,
cattle and butterflies.

Common Yarrow-Achillea millefolium
Named from the legend that it could treat
bleeding wounds, often used as a
medicinal herb. 

Common Milkweed-Asclepias syriaca
Exclusive host plant for Monarch butterflies.
The sap the caterpillars ingest make them
toxic to birds.

Lead Plant-Amorpha canescenscan
Woody shrub that can live for centuries.
Used for folk medicine and teas.
Thought to grow over lead ore deposits. 

Evening Primrose-Oenothera biennis
A biennial of the Prairie, Flowers
open in the evening until noon next day.
Pollinated by the Sphinx moth.

Wild Bergamot-Monarda fistulosa
Attracts many insects.
Used for teas and ailments.

Hoary Alyssum-Berteroa incana
Host plant for Cabbage Butterfly

Purple Prairie Clover-Petalostemum purpurem
My new favorite. Grows in big clumps
 of ferny foliage thimble like flowers.
Host plant for dogface butterflies.

White Prairie Clover-Petalostemum candida
.Tiny white flowers on single stem.
Pea family, great for adding nitrogen to soil.


Partridge Pea-Chamaecrista fastciulate
Annual of prairie plant. Leaves fold
up on sunny days.
Also called sensitive pea.

Queen Annes Lace-Daucus corata
Escapee into the Prairie Host for Black
Swallow Tail Butterfly

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  1. What a beautiful walk through the wildflowers of Perrot. Thank you for letting me stroll along with you.