Thursday, August 29, 2013

Labor Day Weekend

Feels like the end of summer with Labor Day weekend here.

Perrot State Park is full of campers and it's time for the LTE's (Limited Term Employees), who help out at the park from May to September, take their leave and migrate back to school. So many young energetic minds following their career paths to ultimately help the environment. Oh to be young again. 

The best of luck and hope to see them again. The celebration included a "Fire Ring" cake, made to taste like a S'More.

This Labor Day weekend is full of things to do at the park. Join the fun and come to Perrot.

On Saturday there's Fun with Fish from 2-4. Bring your own tee shirt and make a fish print at the Nature Center. Then take a hike through the Black Walnut Trail by torch light. Experience the woodlands and rock formations and listen for the echoes of Perrot's past. Begins at 8 til 9:30 at the trailhead.

On Sunday from 4-5 Feed the Frogs. Catch grasshoppers and watch the frogs eat. Then it's time for their release from the Nature Center displays.

Next don't miss the S'Mores Extravaganza at 6:30 pm  a traditional end of summer event with more topping choices then you can imagine. The event is free but donations gladly accepted.  The night wraps up with learning how to make a Living Bug Zapper and a Frog Hike from 8-9:30pm, both of these events meet at the Nature Center.

All the events are sponsored by the Friends of Perrot.


  1. I love the ring of fire cake. Are you sure it's a tribute to s'mores and not Johnny Cash?