Friday, May 12, 2017

A New Kid in Town

Living in a shaded woodland it's sometimes hard to find a new plant for the garden, especially a native one.

Good news there's a new kid in town, Driftless Area Natives sells native plants in Trempealeau, Wisconsin.

Joyce is by no means new to growing plants, many of you may remember her from the La Crosse County Extension Office. Her set up offers lots of prairie and woodland perennials specifically for our area and beneficial for local pollinators.

So what did I acquire and for those of you that know me where would I even put it?

Well the wishing well is now gone and will be replaced by a grotto/woodland whatever. Still to be determined I guess.

My new plant acquisitions are:

Pennsylvania Sedge

Carex pensylvanica -Pennsylvania Sedge for my part to full shade. Growing about 6 inches. As you can see from the photo it's a bright green and soft textured grass like that will spread. I just want to run my fingers throught it.

As an accent plant I'm trying:

Aster macrophyllus- Big-leaf Aster that will have a light purple flower in August. I like the contrast of big bold leaves and the soft grass combination.

You can follow her on facebook-

Driftless Area Natives-Plants for People and Nature in Trempealeau, Wisconsin

She does some great reviews on little known natives too!

You can find her at the Cameron Park Farmers Market in La Crosse today at 4pm.

Plus she's having an open house this Saturday, May 13 in Trempealeau
 N13375 Grana Lane. She's also open by appointment call 608-534-5101.

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