Friday, May 26, 2017

Muddy Waters

Trempealeau Bay
Recent rains are rising the Mississippi and Trempealeau Rivers. Although the campground at Perrot State Park is high and dry for all the campers this Memorial Weekend it's putting a damper on a few activities.

Riverview Trail

Renting canoes and kayaks has been suspended for awhile until the water levels recede. Even the Trempealeau Wildlife Refuge access roads are closed.

A walk along the Riverview Trail was a little wet as you can see. It limited my walk but made for some unique photos.

Muskrat Family

I spotted some homeless Muskrats hanging out on a tree. The waters must have washed away their nesting lodge.

Looks like mom and her pups are a little blue about being displace.

If you need some cheering up this weekend there are lots of activities going on at the Nature Center. Follow the Friends of Perrot on their facebook page for details and upcoming events.


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