Monday, May 22, 2017

Rain, Rain Go Away

Our visit to Whitewater State Park, remotely set among woods and farmland, began with wondering what else there would be to do in the area since rain was in the forecast. At first it didn't seem promising since the area grocery stores were still renting videos. Did we turn back time?

It wasn't going to be a sunny weekend, so how did we spend our rainy days. I'll share.

A trip to Whitewater Winery, always a good place to start the day. One dollar wine samples and a snack of smoked salmon gave us hope. The owners love of wine was evident with a variety of Midwestern grapes.

Mayo Grand Entry
Then a short drive to Rochester, to take a subterranean walking tour of Mayo and the city of Rochester. We found it to be very quiet and lacking in activity as we started to enjoy the Chihuly glass hangings and grand hall. We were quickly escorted out as I guess it was closed on Saturday to the public. Acting like you know where you are going only gets you so far. I think pulling out my camera gave us away as tourists.

Chihuly Decor

Pucking Around

Sheilding ourselves from the downpours we thought we'd get a little action like the locals. Nothing like a hockey game to lift your spirits. It's no secret that we also made a trip to Traders Joe's for some three buck chuck.


To end the day of dismal weather we seated ourselves down for a meal at the Elba House. Just a couple of miles up the road from the park and just below the fire lookout tower.

Walleye BLT and Whitewater Rueben

Fire Tower Elba, MN

We salvaged the day!

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