Sunday, December 29, 2013

Happy New Years

That time of year for resolutions and revolutions.

From issues to resolve to revolting and breaking out of old patterns. As the years go by we rush to do those things we've dreamt of and take more risks to find happiness. Okay so I'm going through my midlife crisis phase. We all get there sometime and hopefully in time to take advantage of our insights.

My next phase definitely has an RV in it. As you can see RVing must be in my blood. This photo was found among my grandparents photo collection. I don't know the story behind nor will I ever be able to find out since they have all passed. So my mind is left to wonder on who the people are and what fun they are having. Notice the leg barely visible at the end of the wagon.

Looking for leads on an RV motorhome. Thinking of something less than 22 feet, must have a bathroom, prefer a queen size bed. Only needs to sleep 2. Diesel engine would be nice.


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  1. That sounds like fun and it would be much easier to drive as well. Take a look at some of the Sprinters - they are almost like an oversized van. You probably need to make the bed up at night, but it would be small. It may be hard to find something that size in a diesel. Do they still do the big show in February at the La Crosse Center? If not I'm sure the cities has some kind of show you can attend. Granted those are all new ones, but you can get a feel for what you might want and then try to find a used one. That has many advantages - cheaper and whatever problems they had will have been worked out.