Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kids Stuff-Silhouettes

One aspect of the park services is the educational side focusing on kids. There's so much for the kids. If you find the kids getting bored check into the nature center or visitor services for things for the kids to do. Many of these programs have been designed to engage the young minds about nature and peek their curiosity. I've seen lots of parents struggling with entertaining the kids because they have separation anxiety with their electronics.

So here it goes check out- Silhouettes in the Woods.

Pick up the work sheet at the headquarters in Perrot and begin the adventure. The idea is to find twelve cutout wooden shapes in black of different critters found in the park. I suppose if you see the actual real animal you can check it off too.

One of the clues to finding the shapes is to look for them where they might living in the woods. They are located in the general area of the park campground. So search on.

You'll be looking for-
Great Blue Heron
Pileated Woodpecker
Brown Bats
Wild Turkey
Ground Hog
Canada Geese

No bears are found in the park, except smokey and that will be part of the next blog.

Kids of any age can play and it's fun to hear the stories of their searching. Take note, the staff of Perrot are sworn not to divulge the where abouts of any of the silhouettes. Of course it may be because they don't know or the fact the silhouettes are moved occasionally.

While taking some photos at the park I thought I'd caught a Blue Heron at the waters edge and slowly approached it to get a better shot. I thought how stealthy of me the bird hasn't budged. Here it turns out it was one of the silhouettes perfectly placed.

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