Thursday, December 19, 2013

Kids Stuff-Geocaching

Okay it's not just for kids, this any age scavenger hunt is popular around the world. Perrot State park has it's share of sites around the park.

Over 40 geocaches can be found in the park, that should take some time and a lot of hiking. A great way to engage kids of all ages, big or small.

It easy to do with any GPS device, many people already have them on their phones or when available you can check one out at the park headquarters. When you stop into the headquarters pick up the list of site coordinates and enter the location you are wanting to pursue.

Now you're off to seek and find the special cache hiding place. Keep in mind they are often at places of interest so your search leads you to some great scenic look or end of a trail. The caches come in many shapes and sizes and vary in appearance, designed by whomever has placed them.

Upon finding the site you sometimes sign a log proving you've been there or maybe take some treasure with you. The code of conduct is if you take something from a cache that you leave something behind. Please remember it never should be food and needs to endure the elements. Another rule on etiquette is never move geocache.

Geocache placement is approved by the park before being hidden. This is to limited intrusion of searching on protected areas and prevent any dangerous activities.

Enjoy the fun.



  1. I saw someone placing something out in our hood... but I am not telling where.

  2. Ooooh...a new cache for us to find this summer?