Monday, December 16, 2013

Kids Stuff-Wisconsin Explorers

Here's an interpretive program designed for Wisconsin State Parks, from the generous support of the Natural Resources Foundation.  Kids have fun exploring nature through games, hiking, crafts and numerous activities. After completing the free Exploring Extremes booklet they earn a very cool patch.

There are three different booklets each year for a period of three years, so kids can collect up to nine patches. They are age appropriate ranging from ages 3-5, 6-8 and 9 and up. Get the whole family involved you'll be surprised on what you learn.

See if you're smarter than a...

3-5 year old learns--
From "Under Your Nose!"
Did you know that a cherry trees stink? Flowers smell differently when the sun goes down. You can smell better after it rains.
Do you know how a luna moth smells? By it antennae.

6-8 year old learns--
From "Find A Worm"
Stop Global Warming-Worms are good for gardeners and crop fields. but worms are not good for forests. Worms eat fallen leaves too fast, leaving the forest floor bare. If you fish with worms, don't dump your left over worms on the ground. Save them for your next fishing trip or throw them in the trash.

9 and up kids learn--
From "During the Night"
If you see moths flying around, try this trick. Gently shake a ring of keys. If you do it just right, the keys sound like the clicks made by hunting bats. The moths will drop from the sky or fly away fast in all directions.


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