Saturday, December 14, 2013

Kids Stuff-Smokey Bear

One of the longest running campaigns is Smokey Bear, the wildlife icon. He even has his own website. Check it out. Do not put in "the", the use of "the" was only used in lyrics for the song because it fit with the rhythm better.

Smokey was conceived in 1944 and will celebrate his 70th birthday this next year. His popularity and past letter writing campaigns caused him to even have his own zip code. It's 20252 for those that want to know.

Kids at the park can read about Smokey and take him camping overnight with there very own stuffed bear and knapp sack full of things for curious minds. The Smokey Packs can be checked out at the Perrot headquarters.

There is also a Forest Forever Park Pack where they learn by playing "Treevial Pursuit" and other fun activities.

If you want, you can just pretend you have a kid and check one out.

Tips to putting out your camp fire-
Pour on sufficient water until the hissing sound stops.
Stir ashes and pour on more water.
If it's too hot to touch, it's too hot to leave.

Remember - Only You Can PREVENT WILDFIRES

Some of you may remember it as "only you can prevent forest fires". It was updated in 2001. 


  1. I didn't realize he was that old, but since I grew up with him and I'm....old, I guess it makes sense.

  2. Hmmm putting out fires with water. I always thought that's why our troop brought boy scouts with us...