Monday, May 19, 2014

HaRvey's Hints

The Layout Evolves
On the second adventure with Harvey we spent the weekend at Goose Island Campground, south of La Crosse. This county park is right on the backwaters of the Mississippi, making it great for fishing, canoeing, bird watching and awesome sunsets.

Sites under Water

However the river is still near floodstage and many sites were under water and road impassable. But it was still a lovely place to be as we joined friends for  grilled fish and homemade dishes.

I thought you packed the golashes
Hint-Remember to bring the golashes, the ground is so saturated that as we walked around our site the water would begin to ooze to the surface. It's was very wet and muddy and we'll have to start searching for a replace rug (one especially for outdoors) to set up in front of the Harvey.

Goose Island Map

We had purchased a rug for $3 at a rummage sale and it became very heavy when wet and is still drying off as I write.

Tried our new poles for fishing, no nibbles but did catch site of an otter.

Your comments, insights and helpful hints are welcome. I just learned how to make it easier for you to respond.


  1. Your new digs are terrific. May you and HaRVey make many good memories together. It was great being part of your picnic!