Monday, May 5, 2014

Water water Everywhere

Made it to the top-Brady's Bluff
Instead of snow and ice we have rain and flooding. But be assured Perrot State Park campground is well above flood stage. There maybe some wet spots along the Riverview Trail and the boat dock isn't out yet but you can still enjoy the park.

Some boaters/fisherman have put into the bay but can't exit out to the Mississippi because the high waters are reaching up to the train tressel. Going under would impress a limbo line.

Trempealeau Bay
Up river, Winona is above flood stage and will crest midweek, and hopefully will start to recede soon. We have more storms heading our way later this week.

Brady's East side
Just took my first hike of the year up and down Brady's Bluff. A little huffing along the way but it was worth it. Without the leaves on the trees you will get a lot more views.

I'd like to report the wild flowers are coming along. Besides the Dutchmans Breeches, the Bloodroot and Anemonies are blooming. I could see plenty of Shooting Star foliage and a few blossoms are reaching out. The Wild Ginger are getting ready, maybe in another week the woods will be awesome. The Hairy Puccoon are showing up on the East side of Brady's as well.


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