Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Just Passing Through

It's a phrase you hear often in the park as locals use the road in Perrot to reach the other side of town.

Or you can think of it as the Migrational Wave of Warblers.

Over 25 difference types of these colorful little song birds make their way through Wisconsin from southern wintering grounds to northern breeding sites. People have been frequenting the park to hopefully get a peak at their favorite or find one more to check off their list.

They begin to arrive (the birds that is) in April and continue on through May. Depending on weather patterns, storms or even a good tail wind. Get it.

The Warbler Watchers look for the unique markings on the head, wings and rump to certain behaviors from bobbing, waves and spreads of their tails to clue them into identification. Even the location on the ground or shrubs and trees 10-20 feet up will let them know where to look for certain warblers.

Cerulean Warbler

A few Warblers that do make our area their nesting grounds are:

Cerulean Warbler-dendroica cerulean. They prefer to be high in the tree tops of mature woods near swamps and water.

American Redstart Warbler

American Redstart Warbler-setophaga ruticilla. Like to flit about with tail fanning.

Ovenbird Warbler

Ovenbird Warbler-seiurus aurocapillus. You'll find them on the ground  nesting and eating.


  1. You know your birds way better than I do - you'll really enjoy seeing them at Goose Island - lots of pretty birds flitting about.

  2. Cheryl those are mosquitoes at Goose Island...