Tuesday, May 6, 2014

HaRveys Rockin

I'm sure you were all on pins and needles waiting to find out if it would be Recliner vs Rocker. We'll Rocker won out, kinda sorta. We bought two rockers as you can see. Choices were limited and we would have preferred no branding but I did fall in love with the "Camo".

I hope they don't blend in too much!
Did you know-"Camouflage"  is the combination of materials, coloration or illumination for the purpose of concealment. We like to think of it as disguise, maybe to blend in with one's surroundings, as in novice camper among more experienced campers. We are just hoping nobody will notice when we blunder.

Some uses of camouflage make objects hard to see (crypsis), while other try to look like something else (mimesis) or by distorting perceptions of speed, size and direction (motion dazzle). I think we are just trying to look and act like something else.

The word "Camouflage" may have been derived from a French phrase "to blow smoke" again the connection to the campfire and silly blogs. Many artists were engaged over the last century employed to create illusions for the military, then it was absorbed by fashion, art and society. You can imagine artists like Pablo Piccaso with his cubistic works having a good laugh at his audience as they try to figure out what is it.

Well off the track a bit, our new chairs from Gander Mountain are the Camo XL Padded Rocking Quad Chair with fabric designed by Realtree Xtra. The pattern is APG, I have to check online where we register. Gotta love their slogan "When Closeness Counts", your own interpretation will suffice.

We also had to have one of those zero gravity recliners. Although I feel I be rockin, more than reclining, we like diversity. That little action of rocking forward is helpful when getting out of the chair after hiking all day.

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  1. Those look very comfortable and I always wonder if I made the right choice with recliner. I don't sit very long at any stretch, so the rocker may have worked better for me....but recliner is what I bought and so I haul it around. You made a wise choice.