Wednesday, May 21, 2014

May the Force Be with You

Recently I attended the 10 week program for the Citizen Police Academy in Onalaska. Those that know me would say " Really?". It was extremely informative, very enlightening and if you have the chance in your community to take part in this unique program, do so. It's a way to learn from each other and make your community better.

The previous year we attended the CERT (Citizen Emergency Response Team) training which teaches you first how to protect yourself in an emergency, secondly to assist your neighbors and finally to be of value to your community should a disaster strike. At the Citizen Police Academy we learned how others protect us.

During the 10 weeks we learned about:

The DARE Program in the schools and many other Community Programs.

How to lift a finger print by Investigators and CSI stuff.

Met "Jack" the K9 team police dog (no we didn't play fetch with him).

Took the field sobriety tests on some very happy volunteers.

Watched people get pepper sprayed on some less happy volunteers.

Took a ride-along in the squad car and learned high risk stops and arrest tactics.

Practiced firearms techniques and simulations at the gun range.

Toured the county jail and dispatch center for 911 calls.

For a final day we had a picnic honoring officers and recognizing past achievements and heroics. So of course I had to make a cake, this one looks like a large donut.

Overall I learned a lot, what struck me most was the people.  It's not a life for me the stress would eat me up.

Remember when you may disagree with a law, the police enforce them, it's the politicians the make them.



  1. Love your huge donut. Bet it was a hit!

  2. Love the donut - so perfect for the group. It sounded so interesting and I loved telling my friends the story of the confrontational guy and how you simply summed it up with "I shot him".