Monday, June 9, 2014


I always carry my camera with me cause ya never know.

Snap and there's a female snapping turtle laying her eggs at Perrot State Park. Good thing I had zoom cause I didn't want to get too close. not only because I would disturb her but she's known to be the most defensive turtle.

Here she is after digging her hole and then she can deposit 25 to 80 eggs, which will hatch in 9-18 weeks depending on temperatures.

Snapping Turtles (chelydra serpentina) can extend their beak like jaws on a neck that will reach to her back legs, very serpentine. Since she can't retract her head all the way back in her shell this is her defense mechanism against other predators.

They are the heaviest freshwater turtle weighing up to 75lbs. This aquatic scavenger lives as long as 30 years and known to live to 47 in captivity.

You can easily tell a snapping turtle by the saw tooth edging on it's shell.



  1. It's definitely turtle time. They must think they are chickens because they are always crossing the road.

  2. I'm carrying at least a turtle a day across the road on my way into the park, but perhaps I will let these guys find their own way across. It looks like that could hurt. The ones I've helped can't get their heads back that far and I feel safe carrying them by the lower part of their shell.