Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Blackhawk Park

Sittin' on a Chair in the Slough
Our HaRvy the RV adventures took us to Blackhawk Park near Desoto, WI for the weekend.  Blackhawk has lots of water access even boathouse camping. Operated by the  US Army Corps of Engineers, the set up is a bit different from other parks. There's coin operated showers, boat launch fees and 50 percent discounts on camping for seniors, those with disabilities and many national passports. Can't wait to get older.

A real low Point
Searching for a suitable site, aka Electricity, many parks are booked well in advance. We got lucky, we thought with site 47, but later found the park mostly under water. I guess that's what comes with parks along the Mississippi River. We got a site right on a slough where we could cast out our fishing lines and wait for dinner under a lovely mature oak tree. Well we waited and waited, the only thing I caught, unfortunately was a turtle. Very sorry turtle, I hope he made it after releasing him. Some of the best spots along this stretch of electrical sites would be 52 and 51, much more roomy, and  42 and 41 (unreservable) have a better sunset view but there's a night light in the area.

We were met by very friendly staff and joined the Saturday evening program on Fishing Basics by very enthusiastic Ranger Derek from Minnesota. Hope to try fishing again, it was reported not much was biting due to high waters, so now I don't feel so bad.

Painted Turtles basking

Walking around the park we saw lots of turtles, helped a few cross the road, (trying to build back up my karma). and pondered at their raided nesting sites. I guess the crows just watch and wait. We caught a glimpse of three Merganser Ducks and a Northern Water Snake.

Turtle nest destroyed by crows

Air lifting turtle across road

A little help from our Friends

Due to an approaching Thunderstorm we packed up everything Saturday evening and waited for the storm. Every camper took refuge while we hung onto our campfire. I think we appeased the storm gods with a dance around the fire with the help of a few friends.

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  1. Don't worry, you will soon be old enough for all those senior discounts. That's a nice park, even if the fish weren't biting. Sounds like Goose Island with the flooding that goes on...must be that river thing.