Friday, June 13, 2014

Turtles - to the Rescue

Not talking about Ninja Turtles but the kind folks that help those turtles crossing the road. It's a common sight around these parts to see turtles farther away from the water searching for or coming from a nesting site. As it happens they sometimes h

ave to cross the road, if possible it's a good thing to stop and assist the turtle in the direction it's going (except for snapping turtles). Kudos to Queen Jester for saving turtles in her area.

Blanding's Turtle
Just too many are injured and killed by motorists. A a note when picking up a turtle they may void themselves, you know pee. Plus as your mother probably told you wash your hands afterwards because of germs, remember they can carry salmonilla.

I recently came across a nice Painted Turtle at the park, just like the ones you get as a kid. They are the most common turtle around.

The Perrot Naturalist is here showing a Blanding's Turtle. Identified by the yellow under the jaw and neck. A species of special concern since their populations are declining. Did you know they aren't sexual mature for 20 years. That's a long time to survive before reproducing. They also can live up to 80 years.

Watching turtles is a great past time, you'll find them basking on logs. munching on plants, swimming along. They appear so content and wise just taking in the world. They also teach us a valuable lesson if you don't stick your neck out you won't get anywhere.


  1. I love how that one guy is stretching. Everybody needs a good stretch.

  2. We have many turtles here and I often have to get out of my car and help one along out of the street. What worries me is if they are going to lay their eggs, they will be coming back the same way and I can't always be there for the return trip. We have mostly Red Eared Sliders ... they are probably the most common turtle. I have had the privilege of finding a family of Blanding Turtles living in an irrigation pond on a farm. They are awesome and I didn't know that they didn't mature until they were 20 ... that is surely working against them. Love this post Hannah ...

    Andrea @ From The Sol

  3. Thank you for your kudus and also for warning me about the snapping turtles, you may have saved me a finger or two. Great to see Andrea commenting on your blog, she's a wildlife enthusiast and it's good you to connected.