Sunday, June 29, 2014

Piston Envy

Our Big Green Haulin Machine- the Ford F150 was not the vehicle of my dreams, actually I never dreamed of owning a truck. Necessity dictates one when you have to haul around Harvey the RV.

When taking in the Overdrive's Pride & Polish Truck and Beauty Show this past weekend in La Crosse I saw the other side of haulers fantasies. These big rigs were tripped out to compete, and make it to the Nationals in Dallas Texas.

I felt a part of the scene when people would ask was I a driver, "of course I got my own truck and trailer" I replied. I did have to keep the conversation short before they started asking for details, since to me Tork, was Peter of the Monkeys and Cab was something you hailed in the city.

See the details, money burning up
Everything was so shiny and pretty it's hard to look at my Ford the same way. Here's some of the contestants.  My top three favorites.

The fuel looks like vapor

My favorite

notice the gold flecks on the wheel


  1. Uh uh uh (Tim Allen style on that)....can you smell the testosterone!