Thursday, June 19, 2014

Rangers to the Rescue

The inhabitants of Perrot State Park consists of many mammals, birds and of course reptiles. Snakes specifically, are found throughout the park and sometimes in the campground. In this case the campers get pretty spooked and a ranger is dispatched to actually rescue the snake from the campers.

Since the park is the snakes sanctuary they are carefully removed to avoid the conflict visitors may impose.

Ranger Justin was just the person for the job that day a fox snake decided to check out the availability of sites in the campground. He gently removed the snake and put him in a bucket in the back of his ranger truck and drove to another location away from the campground.

Before Justin could release the Fox Snake it had already decided his ride was over, ready to head for the hills.

Fox Snakes- can grow up to 6 feet, they have dark blotches and a lighter gray to yellow underbelly with smaller blotches. These nonvenomous snakes  constrict to kill their prey. Sometimes mistaken for copperheads (which are not found in Wisconsin) . They get their name by the musky odor they release when disturbed.

If you want to know more about the snakes in Perrot there are Nature Center programs devoted to the subject, just call the Visitor Center at 608-534-6409 for more information.

Thanks for sharing the photo Justin.


  1. Whew. It's good to know that there are no Copperheads in Wisconsin and that the campers didn't hurt this Fox Snake.

  2. That would be very exciting to see in ones campsite! But then I think snakes are pretty cool and hate it when people hurt them.