Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Badgers Power

It's been "Badger"mania for Wisconsinites this March. The madness comes from the University of Wisconsin basketball teams success in the Final Four. Unfortunately they didn't maintain their hold. This brings up the subject of my blog to cover the touted tenacity of the America Badger, also our state's mascot.

I've never seen one personnally but there is a stuffed on in the headquarters at Perrot State Park.

The American Badger can be found throughout the state (except State Street) but primarily makes its home or rather "burrows" in native prairies and savannas. Their fierce reputation  results from the long front claws that allow them to rapidly dig holes invading and eating other subterranean species. Their own burrows can be 12- 50 feet. Plus an articulated lower jaw allows them to hold on with unparalleled tenacity. Allowing them to duke it out with animals much larger.

The male Badger called a boar can weigh up to 40 pounds but when confronted can appear much larger as it's hairs stand on end. This nocturnal creature has exceptionally good hearing and smell plus a special membrane that protects its eye while digging.

Maybe next year the Badgers will take the title. 

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  1. I forget how large they are...they probably wouldn't make the best pet, huh.