Saturday, April 4, 2015

Flora & Fauna of Pt. Reyes

On any visit to a park I'm always excited to see new plants and animals in person.
At Point Reyes National Seashore I was blessed to see Gray Whales (sorry no pictures), Elephant Seals and many unnamed variety of birds and critters. Spring blooms were everywhere we hiked, here are a few of my favorites, especially the California Poppies.

Elephant Seals

Tule Elk


Mallard Ducks

Shore Birds

Crab in Estero

Banana Slug


Morning Glories


Douglas Iris

Pussy Ears

Indian Paintbrush

Sky Lupine
California Poppy

Poison Oak

 and some not so favorite plants.

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  1. Lots of nice flowers to see, as well as the animals. Aren't banana slugs the most grossly fascinating thing? They repel me and yet I cannot turn away from them.