Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hostel Conditions at Pt. Reyes

Don't worry everything's cool. I mean Youth Hostel, although I dropped the youth a long time ago.

It's my desire to always try and stay in the park when traveling, since it was too far to take HaRVey  the RV we opted to stay in the only accommodations at Point Reyes, a Hostel. They are very affordable, very modest and offer kitchen facilities to the occupants. They also offer more private quarters for families.

Main building
Common area for grilling

I find the advantage of location to outweigh other amenities. Plus you meet other travelers who are friendly and often like minded. We enjoyed hosteling in New Zealand years ago and recommend this alternative to regular hotels.

New Family Building with private rooms
Deck off kitchen

Kick'en back after a day of hiking

No cell reception-no problem



  1. Nothing hostile about this hostel!

  2. I bet you left all your hostility behind at this 'hostel' environs.