Wednesday, April 22, 2015

We'll Miss You

It's a sad farewell as we see the removal of so many Ash Trees around our area. From street boulevards and backyards to even Perrot State Park. No place is immune to the invasive Emerald Ash Borer. This wood boring beetles larvae prefers feeding on the Ash Tree. Now millions of Ash Trees have been killed off and millions more are susceptible.

When you visit the park you will notice in the campground the remnants of many large shade trees that gave campers respite from the sun. Maybe your favorite site will feel a bit different and maybe a little less private. With time this will pass, the sun will now reach younger trees spurring growth and creating a new canopy.

This spring the employees at Perrot have worked hard to clear the way for returning campers. To make the campground and picnic areas safe by removing trees that posed a threat. When you visit the park remember fondly the trees that held our heads high towards the sky and regard those that had the unpleasant job of having them removed.  

Note: A reminder to all that there is a 10 mile quarantine around Perrot for moving firewood. It's just one step of many that helps prevent the spread of invasive insects and diseases. The Friends of Perrot provide fire wood for sale at the park and the proceeds go towards the Nature Center and it's programs.



  1. Overplanting is a killer. So sad.

  2. I've seen the trees marked along Main Street for removal - this is so sad. I remember as a child driving down Cass Street with my Grandmother and it was like traveling through a glorious green living tunnel.