Thursday, June 18, 2015


Music Stage
Downtown La Crosse, WI is becoming a very fine cultural center for the arts. Our visit to Pettibone Resort positioned us  to partake in the many activities of Artspire.

Visual Artists

This free event is held in what's now referred to as the City of La Crosse Arts District. Centered around the Pump House Regional Arts Center.

Interactive Events

Activities included 30 visual artists with works for sale, performing artists including musicians, dancers and actors. It was an all encompassing  2 days of entertainment.

Lending Library

The changes to the art scene go from subtle with thoughtful sayings and dance steps pressed into the sidewalks to the grand mural on the side the pump house.

Pump House

As the city has transformed itself it just seems to be getting better and better. Check out the new Weber Center right on the riverfront, a very nice addition to La Crosse.

Weber Center


Sidewalk Dance Steps
All the changes keep attracting new businesses. There are lots of wine bars and coffee shops, boutique galleries and craft shops, plus lots of outdoor sports shops and exercise work out centers.

I think a person could actually live in downtown La Crosse and have a fulfilling life.

Keep it up La Crosse.


  1. You are so right. What a wonderful upgrade to the bar scene downtown.

  2. Sorry to miss day two but I so enjoyed the opening events on Friday

  3. I went for a bit on Saturday to visit artist friends. I wished I'd known you were going I would have joined you. It is a lovely event and an asset to the community. That whole area has a different vibe now with all the changes that have been made.