Monday, June 15, 2015

Resorting to Location

Our vacation location this past weekend was a resort of sorts. HaRVey spent the weekend at Pettibone Resort located near the city of La Crosse, WI. Actually within walking distance, just 1 mile over the double blue bridges that span the Mississippi River. 

HaRVeys weekend pad

Double Blue Bridges connecting to La Crosse.

Pettibone Boat Club and Marina

We choose this location just for the chance to explore La Crosse, a past stomping grounds. As a tourist we saw the river town with new appreciation and enjoyed the local art scene during the annual Artspire celebration. More in the next blogs.

Pettibone Resort is located on Pettibone Island across from Pettibone Park and Pettibone Beach, plus we had to go to the new Pettibone Boat Club while there. HaRVey was also found at Pettibone RV,which is still on the Island but actually in Minnesota.
End of the Resort camping

Okay so you might be wondering who or what is a Pettibone. He, A.W. Pettibone was an area lumber baron during the late 1800's, who was liked enough to even become Mayor of La Crosse during the civil war. I guess he reciprocated the fondness by donating the island in 1901 stipulating it was to remain as a natural park and bird sanctuary for all to enjoy. Today much remains natural, we did see some ducks!

Backwater views
Those that take refuge at the resort consist of family and friends from the area for some campfire cookouts. Summer time on the river boaters that can pull up their fishing boats and pontoons to the edge of their campsites. Then there's northern retirees with their long term commitments and golf carts that transport them for cocktails in the evening. Everyone just wants to have fun and that's okay.

Instead of having hiking trails to wonder on we explored the roads to the ends of the island. Giving us a new vantage point of the river as it passes along the shores of La Crosse.

 Resorting to location has its benefits.  


  1. How did you like staying there? Is it quiet at night or more of a party scene? I didn't get to come last Thursday to look for the geocache due to the rain. Will it ever stop raining here? I don't recall Wisconsin being so wet in June.