Monday, June 1, 2015

Black River Falls

Camping at Castle Mound, part of the Black River Falls State Forest gave us the advantage of exploring the city of Black River Falls. This small city or big town of 3600 people has some nice surprises.

After searching for someone to fix our truck we stopped by the Visitor Bureau to get the lay of the land.

What turned out to be our first hike was the Foundation Trail, a four mile paved walk that circles the city going through natural creek areas and city parks.

View from Pavilion to Fishing Pond

This tiny town has some really big ideas. The Lunda Community Park could hold the entire town with room to move.

It has tennis courts, softball, football and soccer fields, skateboard and water park, volley ball pits and children's play plaza, pavilions and band shell with a grassy lawn to spread your blanket on.

Foundation Trail thru Lunda Community Park

Vibrant chairs and awesome salsa

After a long walk we sampled some of the cities food. A little Mexican restaurant called Cinco de Mayo, I believe also found in Sparta since the d├ęcor was the same. Very good Mexican flavors.

Sampling Local Brew


We also stopped by some other establishments to sample the local brew Bugler by Sand Creek.

We missed the opportunity to go on the brewery tour which was only Friday's at 3:30. 

Bar Humor

Also had a taste of the local humor.

Captured a secret meeting.

This town has some secrets to their success.



  1. LOL. The restaurant's Cinco de Mayo not the date you went there.

  2. I love the image of the secret meeting. Now if they only had pickleball instead of tennis.